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We are a London-based team of enthusiastic professionals that provide personalised massage therapies, yoga and pilates sessions, helping you grow into a healthier, happier and more positive thinking person. Our goal is to get you relaxed, get your mind cleared, and make you feel energetic and driven, all that while optimising the process and time for you to get the benefits.


Our philosophy

We, humans, are passionate about what we most love in life. We find great pleasure in doing things that make us happy, feel fulfilled and which reward our souls. Experiences that enlighten our minds and make our bodies feel good, energised and awake. That make our hearts jump with joy. Doing those things require strength and energy. For that, we need to lead a healthy daily life based on a foundation of principles, discipline and determination, which sometimes seem hard to achieve within the context of the modern and often stressful society we live in. We, humans, are whole beings, with our bodies, minds, emotions and consciousness meant to seamlessly work together in harmony. That is not the case for many people, unfortunately. When one part is out of sync then it weights down on the whole.


The root of all health is in the mind. The trunk of it is in the body. The branches are in emotions. The leaves are in spirit and mindfulness. The flower of health and joy blooms when all these parts work together in harmony.  


We created Elysee Wellness with an aim at helping you raise your awareness around these principles and providing you with the personalised support needed to achieve them. This journey begins with relaxing your body and mind and then continues with advice on how to implement new principles that facilitate your well-being, allowing you to grow into a healthier, happier and positive thinking person. Be relaxed, be happy, feel energetic and driven. From the first encounter with our therapists, you will find yourself immersed in a new state of bliss. Just embrace it and the benefits will follow. Our passion for a healthy life is highly contagious.


Thank you.

Elysee Wellness Team




We are a London-based team of professionals specialising in Massage, Yoga and Pilates who believe that we all can lead joyful and fulfilled lives. And we want to contribute to that, helping others live healthier and happier lives.

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