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What is it?

Companies are increasingly starting to see office massage as being an investment into their employees’ well-being. The human body is not built for sitting 8 hours a day. Office massage effectively reinvigorates your employees’ bodies and brain power.


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  • Mid-day energy boost
  • Rejuvenates the body and mind
  • Improves mental focus
  • Decreases stress
  • Brings joy into the work place
  • Increases productivity
  • All the other massage benefits


Companies that are self-aware regarding the well-being of their staff. People’s health and overall well-being is a key contributor to increased job satisfaction, team spirit, employee retention and consequently higher productivity.


How ?

Office Massage is delivered… right, at your office! The chair massage focuses on the upper body, arms, and head, with clothes on and without oils or lotions. The table massage is usually done on the whole body and may involve oils. Specify at checkout.

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Some companies prefer to reserve a dedicated room where massages will be performed. More relaxed companies choose to do it at people’s desks, which we are also happy to accommodate.



Excellent massage provided in my home by Sophia. Not only did she adjust her technique based on the conversation we had before starting, but she also adapted to my body's response during the session. Really happy now!

by Michael D...


Very nice service, it was very professional and at the same time with a touch of a very personal service. Will definitely use this again, especially after a long haul flight, it made me relax a lot and forget how stressful things can be at work.

by Alex B...


Excellent massage. I was tired after driving 7 hours and Tara made me get back on my feet. Good job!

by Joshua T...


We are a London-based team of professionals specialising in Massage, Yoga and Pilates who believe that we all can lead joyful and fulfilled lives. And we want to contribute to that, helping others live healthier and happier lives.

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